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Hollard Insurance in Australia operates through The Hollard Insurance Company Pty Ltd, an APRA regulated insurance company.

Hollard Australia started from humble beginnings in 1999 with former Chief Executive Officer Richard Enthoven. As a pioneer in the Australian market, the business was able to draw on the remarkable history of insurance innovation of Hollard in the South African market.

At Hollard we approach things differently from the rest of the industry. We see ourselves as people changing insurance for the benefit of our customers, brokers and agencies. We do this through:

  • Innovative, well-priced products to meet the market’s needs.
  • Attracting people and partners who are experts in their niche and who really care about their business and their customers.
  • Delivering on our commitments.

We are a large, privately-owned insurance business and are ideally positioned to be agile and entrepreneurial. Our business philosophy is founded on truly investing in and partnering with our brands, brand partners and underwriting agencies for the long-term. Our ability to innovate quickly is helped by the fact we are not bound by short-term shareholder returns, nor old, unwieldy legacy systems. Our entrepreneurial approach means we are able to respond quickly to market needs.

So how have we and how do we continue to change insurance for the better and what does this mean for our partners, brokers and customers?


We pride ourselves on listening closely to the needs of the market as well as our partners and brokers. This has enabled us to offer mainstream and specialised insurance products. We also pride ourselves on a number of Australian insurance innovations:

  1. Pet insurance was launched in 2000 In Australia.
  2. Real Insurance was the first in the world to offer a trust based “pay by the kilometre insurance” called Pay As You Drive in 2008.
  3. Stand-alone bicycle insurance was launched through Velosure in 2008.

We are passionate about our continued commitment to innovation and are always exploring ways to deliver new or improved insurance products to meet Australians’ ever changing insurance needs.


We have a history of doing great deals, not only due to our entrepreneurial perspective, but also because we see the long-term value in being generous partners. Our partners can bank on our handshake and we absolutely live the win-win-win philosophy i.e. our business, partners and ultimately the customer must win.

Partnering with our insurance partners means:

  • Offering our partners flexible commercial terms.
  • Aligning their long-term interests with ours.

Please click here to see our list of underwriting partners.

Partnering with our brokers means:

  • Empowering them to make policy and claims decisions.
  • Placing them in charge of key insurance functions in order to minimise red tape, improve risk selection and reduce loss ratios.
  • Keeping premiums as competitive as possible.

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