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“People were spending hours trying to compare insurance prices and even then it was difficult to know what they were comparing. We started Choosi to make it easy for them to compare life, funeral and income protection insurance rates across a number of different brands. The market was crying out for this. It absolutely suits the way people shop for insurance these days.”

Choosi executive


Comparing insurance in one place online is relatively new to Australia but Choosi has filled this gap and has rapidly become the market leader for life insurance comparison services.

Choosi is not a broker, nor is it merely an aggregator of information, instead it carefully investigates and assembles information a customer needs when comparing insurance products so they can make an easy and informed decision on the most suitable cover options from the products distributed by Greenstone Financial Services.

When presenting the product options, Choosi displays all brands and products fairly. Where an online comparison service is available, consumers are able to sort the results using a mix of criteria including but not limited to product features, genuine customer ratings and price.

By making it convenient and simple to compare and buy insurance, Choosi is meeting the changing needs of consumers who want to do their own research and compare apples with apples before purchasing. Customers have shown that they want to transact this way.

Choosi Life Insurance Comparison

Choosi does not compare the entire market, nor does it want to - but we are a life insurance comparison service to provide consumers with access to number of direct and adviser products distributed by HFS.

Choosi Health Insurance Comparison

Buying health insurance is as much about the insurer providing the cover as it is about the cover itself. With this in mind, Choosi provides as much information about the insurers as it does about their products. This includes what their own customers say about them and how they rate them. It is all designed to help customers make an informed, complete decision about the right cover for them.

The aim is to make comparing health insurance a simpler and more enjoyable experience for everyone. That’s why we’ve worked hard to make the process easy from the language we use to the layout of the comparison screen. We have tried to take out all the unnecessary steps or information and focus on the specific benefits that customers want, giving them a choice that best fits those needs across a wide selection of providers.

Choosi Pet Insurance Comparison

Choosi offers pet insurance comparison offerings available on the Australian market.

Choosi systems and backup

Choosi is supported by sophisticated back end systems built specifically for distributing insurance products. This includes a proprietary life insurance underwriting engine that manages a high volume of applications across the life insurance market in Australia.

Choosi also has specialist direct insurance sales recruitment, training and quality assurance to ensure all customers receive the best possible experience at every stage of their journey whether that be with Choosi or our partner brands.

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