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The loss of anyone’s home or contents is devastating and yet, even given the high level of natural disasters in Australia, one in five homeowners do not insure their property, 70% of tenants do not insure their contents and 30% of those who do insure their homes are insured for significantly less than the replacement value (report entitled ‘Underinsurance; a case of moral hazard’ by Prof Deborah Ralston, Acting Director for the Melbourne Centre for Financial Studies October 2013).

Why should you care? Besides the obvious distress, dislocation and sense of loss, most people do not realise that the lack of home and contents insurance results in a substantial cost to government which is ultimately passed on to all taxpayers including you and your peers (according to the report ‘Underinsurance; a case of moral hazard’ by Prof Deborah Ralston).

At Hollard we know full well that it often comes down to household budgets and that all important question of affordability. This is particularly relevant for young families and first time homeowners. It is for this reason that we have made our cover as reasonable as possible, while allowing you to customise the covers based on what you need. It is this focus that saw Hollard’s consumer brand, Real Insurance, awarded Money Magazine’s Best of the Best 2013 award for Cheapest Home and Contents Insurance for its Essential cover which also included automatic limited flood cover of up to $15,000 per policy. 

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