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It’s no surprise, given our focus on innovation, that Hollard’s proprietary brand, Real Insurance is responsible for two Australian car insurance innovations:

  1. Car insurance premiums based on the kilometres you drive (Pay As You Drive). This product won an Australian Business Award for product innovation and Money Magazine’s Best Climate Business award, because the product is focused on rewarding customers for driving less. It was the first of its kind to work on a trust basis i.e. where we trusted the owner to tell us how many kilometres they plan to drive. Pay As You Drive challenged the existing model of car insurance where drivers who are lower risk because they travel much less than others end up paying the same as others who travel sometimes 2, 3 or even 10 times the distance. This product rewards people for driving less by paying lower premiums. The Real Insurance Comprehensive insurance product was also awarded Money Magazine’s Best of the Best for Cheapest Car Insurance in 2013.
  2. 'Build your own', car insurance allows you to choose the cover options you need at a price you like. Buyers have the ability to adjust elements ranging from their covers, to their excess and the agreed value of the car, to suit their needs and pocket.

These innovative products are distributed through both the Hollard proprietary brand, Real Insurance, as well as through many of our partners.

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