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Ultimately insurance is there to give you peace of mind. Below are some ‘fast facts’ which highlight the importance of making sure that Australians cover their key assets such as their car, home and contents – as well as the importance of ensuring they are covered for medical expenses when traveling:

  • 84 homes are destroyed each year by fire in Australia (ABS 28/10/2013)
  • Over a 10 year period from 2003 to 2012 there were an average of 1,490 road deaths a year according to a report by The Department of Infrastructure and Transport in May 2013 and 32,500 serious injuries 2013 ACRS Submission to Fedral Parliament.
  • The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade assists more than 20,000 Australian travellers a year who find themselves in difficulty, including over 700 hospital admissions, 600 deaths and 100 evacuations to another location for medical purposes (Insurance Council of Australia, Travel Insurance - Key Points for Consumers Update, January 2012)

Behind each and every one of these statistics are individuals and families who have been through difficult circumstances and in some cases experienced devastating losses. At Hollard and across our brands and our partners we are reminded of this daily and it merely reinforces why we come to work every day – to help protect the quality of people’s lives.