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Hollard’s three proprietary brands are Real Insurance, Guardian and Prime Pet Insurance.

Hollard recognised some time ago that the Australian consumer was seeking something different to satisfy their changing insurance needs, so in 2005 we launched our own retail brand, Real Insurance. Intially, Real Insurance only sold home and car insurance, however such was the demand for a full range of insurance products, Real Insurance now offers home, car, travel, life, funeral and pet insurance under the Real Insurance brand.

Real Insurance is our flagship retail brand. Our retail customers are a key market for us and we will continue to innovate to provide insurance driven not only by changes in the market, but also by adapting quickly to market demand. We do this well and one of the secrets to the success of our retail brand is our strong spirit of innovation.

Real Insurance provides Australians with some exciting alternative offerings which include and an array of award-winning personal and general insurance products (see below for more information).

In some cases we have licenced distribution partners to distribute other classes of financial products under the Real brand. For example life insurance, income protection insurance and funeral insurance are all distributed by the Greenstone group of companies.

In addition, we have developed deep relationships with key retail partners who distribute insurance solutions underwritten by Hollard using the strength of their brand and distribution networks. These partners include household Australian brands such as Australian Seniors Insurance Agency as well as comparative sites such as Captain Compare and Compare the Market.

Guardian is a Greenstone Financial Services owned proprietary brand. It offers generous life insurance benefit levels and product features typically not available through other direct distribution in Australia. It offers life, income protection, funeral and pet insurance.

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